Respect always, is my axiom: this reflects the basis of my practice and life’s philosophy. I refer to the Indigenous Australian concept of respect, which differs significantly from non-Indigenous understanding of respect.

My Research Story

PhD (1)             Indigenous Australian Social-Health Theory

This study identified and documented a vast body of theoretical and practical knowledge that underpins the practice of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the helping professions: Indigenous Australian Social-Health Theory. It makes previously orally held Indigenous knowledge readily available by outlining central issues and frameworks for practice in the health and wellbeing fields for Indigenous Australians and those who work with and alongside them. It is foundational knowledge that can contribute significantly to policy development in the Social-Health area.

PhD (2) Awarded Cum Laude

Shifting the Lens: Indigenous research into mainstream Australian culture.

Shifting the research lens onto non-Indigenous mainstream Australian Culture from an Indigenous perspective, builds on my previous work that documented the theoretical basis of Indigenous Australian health and human service workers. While identifying similarities and differences between the two cultural groups, a new respectful framework for developing inter-cultural understanding emerged. This framework is grounded in respect for, and ensuring the wellbeing of all, participants in the processes. As Australia deliberates the historic ‘Uluru Statement,’ treaties and reconciliation, this research is relevant, timely and vital for all Australians.