Dr Lorraine Muller is available for consultant work.  Based in Townsville, she has travelled worldwide furthering her studies and network.

Her Research Interests include, but are not restricted to:

  • Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) knowledges;
  • Non-Indigenous Mainstream Australians;
  • Indigenous Australians in the Health and Human Services
  • Stimulating cultural respect;
  • Inter-cultural Decolonisation;
  • Enhancing Inter-Generational Communication;
  • Indigenous research methodologies;
  • Indigenous Community Action Research;
  • Decolonisation theories;
  • Inclusive Social Policy development;
  • Healing and Forgiveness – Reclaiming Wellbeing


Published Works


(2014) Muller, L., “A Theory for Indigenous Australian Health and Human Service Work: Connecting Indigenous knowledge to practice”. Crows Nest, NSW: Allen & Unwin.


(2017) Muller, L., Shifting the Lens: Indigenous research into mainstream Australian culture. PhD Thesis. JCU Library.

(2010) Muller, L., Indigenous Australian Social-Health Theory. PhD Thesis.JCU library.

(2003) Muller, L., Indigenous Community Action Research: Inter-generational communication. Honours Thesis. JCU library.

Book Chapters:

(2016) Muller, L., Preparing to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples: Decolonisation for social work J. Maidment & R. Egan (Eds.), Practice Skills for Social Work & Welfare (Third Edition). Crows Nest, NSW: Allen & Unwin.

(2014) Muller, L., Indigenous Australian Social-Health Theory: Decolonisation, Healing – Reclaiming Wellbeing. In Beddoe, L.&  Maidment, J. (Eds.), Social Work Practice for Promoting Health and Wellbeing: Critical Issues. London: Routledge.

(2013) Muller, L. and Gair, S., Respecting knowledge: Circular movement in teacher/learner roles to advancing Indigenous social work education and practice, in Noble and Henrickson & Han (Eds), Social work education : voices from the Asia Pacific (2nd Ed), Sydney University Press.

(2009) Gair, S. and Muller, L., Circular movement in teaching and learning for Indigenous social work education, invited book chapter, in C. Noble, M. Henrickson, Y. Han (Eds) Social Work Education in the Asian Pacific Region: Issues and Debates, The Vulgar Press: Victoria.

Journal Articles

(2013) Book Review. “Social Work Education: Our Voices: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Work”, Social Work Education: The International Journal, DOI: 10.1080/02615479.2013.824633.

(2008) “De-colonisation: reflections and implications for social work practice” Communities, Children and Families Australia – journal of the Australian College of Child and Family Protection Practitioners

(2007) “Indigenisation of social work: Indigenous social workers self defining their praxis”. Published online CROCCS 07.

(2006) “Recognition of knowledge: Indigenous Australian Social-Health Theory informing Tertiary Academic Theory”. Published online CROCCS.

(2002) “Enhancing Indigenous Interactions with Centacare”, invited paper for Centacare Townsville.

Conferences & Presentations

(2016) Presented, Let’s Yarn About Theory:  inclusive of Indigenous Australian Social-Health theory.  ANZSWWER Symposium: Advancing our Critical Edge in Social Welfare Education, Research and Practice. Townsville, 28 September.

(2014) Keynote Speaker, Perioperative Nurses Association of Queensland, Wide Bay Branch, Biennial conference – Hervey Bay, Qld., 30 August.

(2014) Presented, Learning from Indigenous Knowledge and Theory: Developing cultural respect of diversity, at So You Think You Can Research: Student Research Presentation Competition, Townsville.

(2014) Presented, Indigenous Research into Australian Settler Culture, at the Promoting Social and Economic Equality, Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development, in Melbourne.

(2013) International organiser, 2nd International Indigenous Voices in Social Work, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – July 8-11.

(2013) Presented, Decolonising Philosophy: Discussing Strategies to Position Indigenous knowledge in the Academy, Presented, at 2nd International Indigenous Voices in Social Work, Canada. Conference proceedings: published online at

(2012) Invited Panel member at PeakCare ‘Meet the Preventers’ Child Protection Expo: Townsville (James Cook University)

(2012) Presented, Racism, a central precept of colonisation, at Racisms in the New World Order Conference JCU, Cairns, Qld

(2012) Presented, The theoretical framework used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Health professionals at Rural & Remote Health Conference 2012, Mt Isa, Qld

(2011) Participated in the Indigenous Higher Education Advisory Council (IHEAC) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Academic Doctors’ Forum, November, Canberra.

(2010) Presented, Taking Our Theory into the Academy: Indigenous Australian Social-Health Theory at Creating Futures Conference, Cairns.

(2008) Keynote Speaker, 1st Indigenous Australians: Safe and Competent Counselling Practice Conference, Melbourne.

(2008) Guest Speaker at Australian Association of Social Workers Ltd North Queensland Branch AGM, Townsville 28 October 2008.

(2008) Delivered Workshops – Putting Indigenous theory into (Art) practice (Townsville, Mackay, Cairns) AASW North Queensland Branch.

(2008) Invited Speaker, 1st international Indigenous Family Strengths Conference: Uni of Newcastle in partnership with SNAICC.

(2007) Presented, “Indigenous Aust. Social-Health Theory” and co-presented with Dr Gair “Circular movement in the teacher/learner roles for advanced Indigenous social work education” at International Indigenous Social Work conference, Hawaii.

(2007) Invited Presentation, “Indigenous Aust. Social-Health Theory” at a, Research and Analysis Branch, FaCSIA seminar, Canberra.

(2006) Presented, “Recognition of knowledge: Indigenous Australian Social-Health informing Tertiary Academic Theory”. CROCCS conference

(2006) Presented, Developing an Indigenous Australian Social-Health Theory at the Inaugural Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Workers Conference. Canberra.

(2006) Invited to participate and contribute a book chapter, at an International Social Work Writers Workshop, Eds Gray, Coates & YellowBird, Fredericton, Canada – Offer declined.

(2005) Presented, Indigenous Australian Social-Health Theory. at 7th Indigenous Research Forum, Cairns.

(2005) Presented, Indigenous Community Action Research: Inter-Generational Communication, research to CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, Nwagi Project, researchers.


Further Works

Having recently graduated with her second PhD, which acts somewhat as a bookend to her initial thesis, Lorraine is looking forward to sharing ideas and bringing her studies to the health and human service community on a broader scale.

Her second PhD identified a new respectful framework  that expands on cross cultural training; a way of developing inter-cultural understanding . This framework is grounded in respect for, and ensuring the wellbeing of all, participants in the processes

Lorraine is avaliable for speaking engagements and or workshops on the outcomes of her PhD studies.

Next Steps…

Please contact Lorraine if you would like any further information.

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